Best Travel & Hotel Awards

The Travel and Hotel industry has evolved to be a massive business despite restrictions and cautions which are implicit or explicit. Retirees and youngsters alike are seeking travel and tourism. This is not only for adventure or a different experience but for therapy too.

SDF International as a branding and consulting firm would help your business grow in the areas of Travel and Hotel. SDF International would help you be a strong contender in the Travel and Hotel industry.

Types of Travel and Hotel awards

For each stratum of hotels there are the best hotel awards which customers rate for their functionality or luxury.

World tours and ocean cruises have become the norm of today’s travel. So the luxury travel awards are very necessary for visibility. Ease of travel and hassle free travel are always demanded by business travellers. Thus business travel awards go a long way in proving the efforts invested by the travel company.

Hotel awards are necessary for the best hotels. A lot of difficult conditions and criteria must be fulfilled to win such awards.

The Academy Awards celebrates movies. The Booker prize encourages writers and budding writers. These are some of the examples of world’s most prestigious awards. For travel SDF International would help you compete and be a world travel awards winner.

In addition to the above, we would ensure your organisation is one of the top contenders for travel awards in India.

At a non-domestic level, we would try for the world travel awards 2017, other travel and tourism awards given out by different organisation. All in all, we would be trying for World Tourism Awards 2017.

SDF International would help you with the travel and hotels services which are the best in the world.

Our team at SDF International knows that a website has become the first and primary source of information for the well informed traveller. The team would assist you also in the creation of award winning travel websites.

The staffs that facilitate excellent service can be motivated by staff recognition awards. The travel agency is a go-between and guide for travellers. Best travel agency awards must be provided for the important service they provide. The best hotel awards for making a traveller’s stay pleasant and memorable. Other than the above awards like travel industry awards, travel agency awards, award travel booking service and World Travel Brands awards would provide an important boost for those behind the scenes.

Types of Awards:-

  • Luxury Hotel
  • Luxury Business Hotel
  • Business Hotel
  • Heritage Hotel
  • Casino Hotel
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Deluxe Hotel
  • Budget Hotel
  • Green Hotel/Eco Hotel
  • Conference Hotel
  • Resorts
  • Multicuisine Restaurants
  • Chinese Restaurants
  • North Indian Restaurants
  • South Indian Restaurants
  • Veg Restaurants
  • Italian Restaurants
  • Mughlai Restaurants
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Thai Restaurants
  • Biryani Restaurants
  • Japanese Restaurants
  • Mexican Restaurants
  • Continental Restaurants
  • Lebanese Restaurants
  • Sea Food Restaurants
  • Kashmiri Restaurants
  • South Indian Non Veg Restaurants
  • American Restaurants
  • Hyderabadi Restaurants
  • European Restaurants
  • Lucknowi Restaurants
  • Rajasthani Restaurants
  • Korean Restaurants
  • Mediterranean Restaurants
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Theme restaurant
  • Innovative food/cuisines
  • Bars
  • Charter Airline Operator of the Year
  • Domestic Budget Airline
  • International Budget Airline
  • Luxury Transportation
  • Luxury Cruise Line
  • Luxury Car Rental
  • Luxury Railways
  • Luxury Coach / Bus Company
  • Budget Transportation