Technology Innovation Excellence Awards

Technology or rather state-of- art technology dictates the survival and growth of businesses. Keeping technology updated and being up to date with technology is a challenge which we must face everyday.

SDF International understands this fact thoroughly. By its prowess in branding and consulting it would create award winning technology websites for your business traffic to flow and grow. Also your business can be a one of the contenders for awards for tech companies.

SDF International also involves itself in technology meets like the Tech Forward Conference. Conferences such as this are great forums to learn and get updated with technology at a very low cost.

SDF International helps you to attain prowess and excellence in the fields of digital technology, information technology, financial technology, national technology, innovation and innovation technology. This helps your business grow and keeps you in the forefront as contenders for technology awards.

Awards for Technology

SDF International helps you in various fields of technology and makes you the contender for various technology awards.

Understanding and imbibing your passion, SDF International would endeavour to get your business a strong footing in the information technology awards arena. For work in the financial field, you could be in the running for financial technology awards. For your work which helps in nation building or citizens you could be in the race for national technology awards. For innovations in the field of technology you can compete for the tech innovation awards or technology innovation awards. Digital technology awards for devices that store data pertinent for business on a real time basis for usage later. SDF International would collaborate on the innovations in digital technology which your business is working for can put you up for Digital Innovation Awards.

Awards for Technology and Information

For tech awards 2017 or any technology industry awards your business is vying for, SDF International would help you in your efforts. SDF International would deliver on the utmost best to help your business get into the ring for tech company awards.


  • Banking Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Construction Technologies
  • Consumer Electronics/Technology
  • Cyber infrastructure including Internet Portals and Services
  • Cybernetics
  • Digital Technology
  • Drilling Technology
  • Ecommerce Technology
  • Educational Technology
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Energy Technology
  • Environmental Technology
  • Film and Video Technology
  • Geographical Technology
  • Health Care Technology
  • Manufacturing/Production Technology
  • Media Technology
  • Military Technology
  • Mining Technology
  • Music Technology
  • Nano Technology
  • Online Shopping Portals
  • Radio Technology
  • Rail Technologies
  • Safety/Security Technology
  • Sound Technology
  • Space Technology
  • Telecommunications/Mobile Technology
  • Transport Technology
  • Travel Technology
  • Waste Treatment Technology