Sports Excellence Awards

All sports as a whole has this unifying ability that no other event at the world over has. In the arena, at that particular point in time, a sportsman or sportswoman is exhibiting the culmination of his physical and mental preparation. The result may be seen that he or she is better than the others. However, as soon as the time of competition is over, all the opponents become the best of friends.

As India grows and develops, parents and children are both investing their time and efforts in sports to keep themselves fit and healthy. A sport with the dint of the preparation it demands saves both adults and children from debilitating diseases in the future.

SDF International understands this rising phenomenon and would assist your organization in the preparation of sports awards and sports award ceremony.

Sports Achievements Scenario in India

Preparations for excelling in sports should start at a very early age. Children should be encouraged to take up various sports to know which one they enjoy. The sports that they are strong in and can take up in the future. Apart from schools, community sports events should be arranged on a larger scale to gain visibility. Subsequently budding children should be made a part of and given children’s sports awards. This would encourage and motivate both the children and their parents.

At a national level, to name a few sports awards in India, there is the Arjuna award, Khel Ratna award and Dronacharya award. Arjuna award is given to sportsmen for their awesome performance. Khel Ratna award is given for awe-inspiring performance for a specified period of time. Excellent coaching is recognized by the Dronacharya awards.

Sports Awards at a Global Level

A lot of sports championships are held across the world. Some championships are sports specific like rifle shooting, wrestling, football. Some are nation specific like the Commonwealth Games. Some are region specific like European cup. The most popular and highly feted games amongst all the championships are the Olympic Games. An Olympic gold is one of the highly contested and coveted world sports awards.

As the Olympic Games is the highest level in competitive sports. The Laureus awards are also one of the world famous awards in sports among other famous sports awards and world sports awards. Laureus award winners are individuals who show outstanding performance in sports throughout the year. For other sports which award medals for sports awards, the Laureus awards are different.

The Laureus statuette is the sports award presented by a former champion of yester years to the current champions. The sports award winner receives the award with a sports award speech. This is unlike the other sports which have a medal ceremony. There are other custom sports awards for different sports which are region and sports specific.

Whatever be the preparation you organization needs, SDF International would provide to be a strong partner and helping hard so that you can prepare for sports awards 2017.


  • Devendra Jhajaria (para-athlete)
  • Sardar Singh (hockey)


  • Jyothi Surekha Vennam (archery)
  • Khushbir Kaur (athletics)
  • Rajiv Arokia (athletics)
  • Prashanthi Singh (basketball)
  • Laishram Devendro Singh (boxing)
  • Cheteshwar Pujara (cricket)
  • Harmanpreet Kaur (cricket)
  • Oinam Bembem Devi (football)
  • SSP Chawrasia (golf)
  • SV Sunil (hockey)
  • Jasvir Singh (kabaddi)
  • Prakash Nanjappa (shooting)
  • Anthony Amalraj (table tennis)
  • Saketh Myneni (tennis)
  • Satyawart Kadian (wrestling)
  • Mariyappan (para-athlete)
  • Varun Singh Bhati (para-athlete)


  • Late Dr. R Gandhi (athletics)
  • Heera Nand Kataria (kabaddi)
  • GSSV Prasad (badminton)
  • Brij Bhushan Mohanty (boxing – Lifetime)
  • PA Raphel (hockey – Lifetime)
  • Sanjoy Chakraverthy (shooting – Lifetime)
  • Roshan Lal (wrestling – Lifetime)


  • Bhupender Singh (Athletics)
  • Syed Shahid Hakim (Football)
  • Sumarai Tete (Hockey)