Lifetime Achievement & Appreciation Awards

An achievement is the completion of a task or a goal with the fulfilment of a desired outcome. For a businessman, a profitable quarter in three to four quarters of slump due to external factors can be a business achievement. For a student, a high score in a subject which he is weak in would be a great achievement.

SDF International understands that you along with your team and organisation work hard for achievements every day, irrespective of them being big or small. We at SDF International would strive hard to help your team and you earn any achievement award.

Types of awards

Every employee in your organisation works hard and contributes to the growth and development of the organisation. Employees need to be motivated constantly and consistently. The underlying aim being that no one should feel that the organisation is turning a blind eye to their commitment and loyalty. An appreciation award would be the best answer for such ground level achievements.

The higher levels within the management like supervisors, managers and senior managers are responsible for the growth and development of business and profitability. Their job is more difficult as it involves human beings and directing human beings. For these levels business achievement awards are appropriate.

There are individual contributors in the organization as well as teams who are involved in creative work and achievement. The efforts of this group of people deserve creative awards.

An organisation grows and survives on the shoulders of dedicated and loyal employees who remain with the organisation for a very long term. The commitment of these employees must be recognized with lifetime achievement awards.

Everyday is not the same for all employees. There would be rough patches of ups and downs. This would affect the morale of one or a group of employees negatively. At these times SDF International would help you get into the depth of the matter. The aim would be to drive a remedial resolution with positive atonement awards.


  • Project Manager of the Year
  • Young Project Manager of the Year
  • Community/Service Development Project
  • Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Project