Leadership Excellence Awards

Any great achievement is achieved by a team with the guiding light being a far reaching vision. In other words, a leader’s vision becomes the mission for the team to execute a great achievement or sets of great achievement.

SDF International believes in this philosophy and is ready to work with your organization in the areas of business leadership excellence and team building for leadership excellence.

Build up for Leadership Awards

The build up and preparation to achieve any leadership award is the in-depth study of the leadership award criteria and conditions laid down by the awarding organization.

SDF International would help your organization in leadership awards and excellence in leadership awards or leadership excellence awards. The aim would be to gear up for the forums and institutions which are working to award leadership excellence awards 2017.

SDF International also believes that leadership awards should not be restricted to the government officials and members of the business community. It should be aligned and catering to students too. SDF International would help your organization in procuring in-depth knowledge of leadership award criteria for students.

Scenario in India

India has various leadership awards. A few leadership award names in India are Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhusan. These are awarded for civilians and government officials. Some of the Indian famous leader award winners who have been ministers of India are Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahdaduri Shastri. Dr. Karan Singh was a health minister of India who is a Padma Vibhushan awardee.

International Leadership awards

Global leadership awards are awarded by many prestigious organizations. A tough screening process lies in wait for the nominees. SDF International would help you or your organization to be a contender in these awards.

Types Leadership Awards categories:-

  • Outstanding Start Up
  • NextGen Entrepreneur for the Year
  • Best CEO – Public Sector
  • Best CEO – Private Sector
  • Best CEO – Multinational
  • Woman Leader for the Year
  • Entrepreneur with Social Impact
  • Entrepreneur for the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Conscious Capitalist for the Year
  • Influential Marketer
  • Young Achiever
  • Best Human Resources Leader
  • Best Chief Finance Officer
  • Best Chief Technology Officer
  • Best PR & Communications Leader

Key Benefits for the Winners

  • It empowers you to contact imminent society with reestablished certainty by utilizing the tremendous advertising and PR value of the award.
  • Past winners have detailed a critical increment in deals/business as an immediate consequence of winning a award.
  • The autonomous underwriting of your organization’s ability and professionalism
  • Utilization of the broadly branded winner logo for use on your site and advertising/advertising material.
  • Supported by significant media accomplices and perceived quality marked sponsors.
  • The winner might be given over a surrounded authentication by a superstar of national notoriety.
  • The certificate and the photos showed at your premises will be the declaration to your dedication towards your general society.