10 Good Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

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May 9, 2018
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July 10, 2018

Before investing in real estate meant showing status quotient but now it isn’t. It is a way to grow your wealth for better future returns. Many of us still don’t believe that so, here are some reasons to convince you its immense benefits and check out the companies that won Real Estate Awards:

    • Safest Option
      Investing in home is indeed safest option. Other investments may give much better returns over some years but there are some high risk factors associated with those investments. Housing price remains stable and grows over time without any risk factors like share and stock market.
    • Ample Finance Options
      For real estate investor there is never dearth of money because they get various options to invest, like banks, private lenders and non-banking financial companies.
    • Loans are cheapest
      In India home loans are the cheapest compared to other assets. A home loan is cheaper than the auto loan and personal loan on average.
    • Suits the need
      There is a real estate for every budget and need. From investing for long term growth to continuous income or to make an addition to your portfolio, there is real estate that will suit everyone’s need and budget.
    • A Controlled Asset
      To invest in stocks and shares you might have to hire a broker but investing in real estate is simple and easy. If you do research yourself then you can get every property related answers. Share brokers take commission yearly while if you buy property through a broker, you will have to pay one time only.
    • You Will Be Disciplined Financially
      As there is a fixed date to pay EMI, you stay motivated to arrange the funds within that period and it makes you disciplined financially. As you also have to keep in mind the rental income and tax factors, it makes you aware to monetary dexterity.
    • Continuous Growth
      Once you buy a real estate, the returns will increase differently as per location. Putting it on rent will also raise the capital price. Giving it for rent till retirement will give you a winning edge and one can sell that place to buy another property.
    • Get Benefit from Other’s Investment
      Along with infrastructure upgrade or development in amenities like new school, hospital, business centers, shopping malls etc, property price increases. Housing demand can get a boost near employment opportunities. Great accessibility in suburb can also raise property values and housing demands.
    • Asset for Next Generation
      It is not necessary to invest in a long-term investment only for your lifetime, but you can pass the real estate you have invested in to your future generations. Property will grow continuously over the long term. No one can stop a real estate’s monetary growth.
  • Tax benefits
    If you own a property you will get tax rebate. You can actually enjoy up to Rs 1,50,000 deduction in a financial year from your taxable income as to pay housing loan. If the construction or acquisition of a property is completed within the three years after the year you have taken a loan than you can get up to Rs. 2 lakh enhanced reduction per annum for self-occupying the property.

With changing time investing in real estate will give increasing benefits. It’s a tangible asset and it’s far valuable than share or stock.

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